On October 9, 2017, we became aware of two separate instances of MWHCEC exhibitors being contacted by someone misrepresenting themselves as a part of our event.

In the first instance, an exhibitor was solicited by someone offering to sell a MWHCEC attendee list to them. MWHCEC does NOT sell attendee lists; as an exhibitor, you receive an attendee list before and after the event as part of your registration.

In the second instance, someone misrepresenting themselves as a hotel reservations agent reached out to an exhibitor and attempted to secure credit card information under the guise of booking a hotel room for them. MWHCEC does NOT provide attendee lists to any hotel or third party vendor; MWHCEC does not book rooms on behalf of attendees. (Hotel options are listed on the MWHCEC website.)

We believe that in both cases, the third parties used the official exhibitor listing on the MWHCEC website to target specific companies.

MWHCEC has consulted with an attorney and will take action against those parties who have misrepresented their relationship with MWHCEC, but as a courtesy, we wanted to ensure our exhibitors were aware of these solicitations. If you have provided financial information as a result of these solicitations, you should contact your financial institution immediately.  We also encourage you to reach out to your state attorney general; a directory of attorneys general can be found here.

Official communications from MWHCEC come from our event planning firm, Raybourn Group International, at mwhcec@raybourn.com.

On behalf of the volunteers and staff that work so hard to bring you a great event, I want to apologize for any confusion or difficulty this causes. We are saddened that our exhibitors have been targeted in this way, and are working on solutions to prevent this from happening in the future, while still providing exposure for our exhibitors so they can connect with MWHCEC attendees.

Sheila King, CMP
Director of Meetings, MWHCEC
(317) 328-4636