Today’s healthcare engineers are tasked with building the future of healthcare. From clinical requirements and patient expectations, to building codes and budgets, the healthcare industry is changing rapidly and healthcare engineers must stay ahead of the curve.

MWHCEC 2019 can help your healthcare engineering/facility management department address these changes and ensure your facility is positioned for the future.

Education is specifically designed to address the changes impacting healthcare engineering/facility management departments. You’ll gain a broader perspective of the trends impacting healthcare, the regulatory issues to stay ahead of, and the technical skills you need to efficiently manage your facility. MWHCEC 2019 will give you the tangible action plan you need to ensure your department operates efficiently now while preparing for the future.

Register now for MWHCEC 2019, Nov. 11-13 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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MWHCEC is presented by the Indiana Society of Healthcare Engineers, the Southern Illinois Chapter for Healthcare Engineering and the Ohio Society for Health Care Facilities Management.